Seaford: Growing fear over danger at Splash Point

Cllr Bob Brown with letter about renovation and showing broken railings.
Cllr Bob Brown with letter about renovation and showing broken railings.

RENEWED calls have been made for urgent repairs to a popular part of Seaford promenade.

Fears are mounting that Splash Point will have to be closed off to the public after recent gales caused damage to the area.

Resident Bob Brown has long campaigned for works to be carried out and he was supported by other visitors to the spot.

A warning sign was put up and repairs made but the issue of over who is responsible for the maintenance of Splash Point still rumbles on.

Mr Brown said, “One of the end railings has broken off and disappeared, only leaving a very rusted railing at knee height to stop visitors getting near the dangerous far edge facing the sea.

“A large portion of the surfacing of the groyne is breaking up, allowing sea-water to get into the internal structure which will no doubt start to fail, causing the surface to be unsupported.

“Further along next to the chalk cliff abutting the beach, the sea has taken away the undersupport to leave a ledge sticking out without the proper support underneath.”

The Ringmer Road resident said the structure is in danger of collapsing inwards, adding, “People tend to come down for Christmas and if they can’t access part of the promenade people will get a bad image of the town.”

Resident Jim Skinner added, “If someone drops over the edge it’s quite a drop on to the beach below there.

“It could lead to the whole area being fenced off.”

Councillor Ian White, Leader of Seaford Town Council (STC), said the town council and Lewes District Council were working together to rectify the situation, adding, “We fear if we don’t do something - and we’re doing it without prejudice - that we could end up with certain parts closed off.”

A spokeswoman for Lewes District Council confirmed they were working alongside STC, adding, “Although Lewes District Council is not liable for repair and the ownership of the groyne is unknown, we are intending to carry out works to the railings and concrete surface of the groyne to make it reasonably safe.

“These works will be undertaken early in the new year. We are also aware that the recent storm has caused further damage.”