SEAFORD: Father found son dead in flat hallway

A SCAFFOLDER who took heroin was found dead by his concerned father, an inquest heard.

Scott Hanscomb’s body was discovered by his father William Hanscomb, who had called round to his flat in Ringmer Road to check on him.

He last saw him alive on October 9 and four days later he thought something was wrong so he went to the address.

He found his son lying behind the front door in the hallway, lying on his back and with his arms stretched behind him.

An inquest into the 38-year-old’s death at Eastbourne Magistrates Court heard the amount of heroin found in his blood could be fatal to someone who had not built up a tolerance to the drug.

A post mortem gave his cause of death as heroin toxicity with multiple benign gastric ulcers as a possible contributory factor.

The inquest heard he often spent time with Donald Skinner who lived in the same building. A statement on behalf of Mr Skinner said he had last seen Mr Hanscomb on the Saturday or early hours of Sunday before his death.

He told police that he met with Scott at his own flat and they had drunk vodka and beer. He said his friend was very drunk but that he hadn’t seen Scott take drugs that night.

The inquest heard there was no evidence of drug use in Mr Hanscomb’s flat and friend Michelle Domican told the hearing that although Mr Hanscomb occasionally took cannabis and had dabbled with coke, he had told her he would never take heroin.

However, in a statement another resident at the block of flats, Frances Davis, said she had had a conversation with Mr Hanscomb about drugs.

She said she believed she last saw him on Sunday October 10 and he mentioned he had ‘other stuff’.

She asked if he meant coke and he replied it was smack, which she took to mean heroin.

No-one has been prosecuted in connection with Mr Hanscomb’s death.

Recording a verdict of death from a non-dependant abuse of drugs, coroner Alan Craze said he was satisfied that if Mr Hanscomb was taking heroin it had only been recently.