SEAFORD: Family’s tribute to ‘charismatic charmer’ Ashley Emin

A ‘CHARISMATIC charmer’ from Seaford who had a long history of drug use died after taking methadone, an inquest heard.

Ashley Emin, of Eastbourne Road, Seaford, was found dead on his bed on Christmas Eve last year after police were called to the property to deal with a separate incident. An inquest at Eastbourne Magistrates’ Court heard the 25-year-old had started using cannabis at 13 and was a heroin addict by 2005.

When he saw a nurse on December 16 he admitted to drinking a lot of lager and injecting and inhaling heroin every day.

His heartbroken mother Anita Flint said she had seen him take the Class A drug in front of her on the morning of Christmas Eve and he had apologised to his sister days before for taking heroin.

A statement on behalf of Amanda Starling, a community liaison officer, who works out of Lift House in Eastbourne – which offers substance misuse services – said the shoe repairer had attended on December 22.

There his urine tested negative for methadone, morphine and amphetamines.

The inquest heard Mr Emin, who had previously been taking the substitute drug methadone, had been refused it because the test showed negative for opiates.

He was last given a methadone prescription on November 4.

A statement on behalf of acquaintance Clifford Tuckey said he saw Ashley on Christmas Eve where he seemed ‘dishevelled and gaunt’.

The inquest heard that Mr Emin had travelled with Mr Tuckey and others to Brighton, and Mr Tuckey said Mr Emin told him he was going there to ‘score’.

Tony Borland, who lived with Mr Emin, saw him at 5pm on Christmas Eve at the Eastbourne Road address and they were going to have a drink together.

But he said Mr Emin kept dropping in and out of consciousness for a few seconds and he left him because he thought he wanted to sleep.

When police were called to the property hours later they found Mr Emin slumped over and had no pulse.

Sussex Police carried out an investigation into his death but could not prove where he had obtained the methadone from.

The inquest heard there was no physical evidence to suggest Ashley had been forced to take it.

Dr Anthony Williams, who carried out a post mortem on December 29, told the inquest that he found no evidence that Ashley had recreationally injected any drugs. He put his cause of death down to poisoning from methadone and benzodiazepines.

Coroner Alan Craze recorded a verdict of death by dependency on drugs.

After his death Mr Emin’s family paid tribute to him saying he had ‘a heart of gold’ and ‘always had a big smile on his face’.