Seaford: Dog fouling - what a right mess!

Cllr Sylvia Dunn with her own dog.
Cllr Sylvia Dunn with her own dog.

DOG owners are being urged to clean up their act following a spate of complaints about their pets’ mess being left in Seaford’s parks and open spaces.

Seaford Town Councillor Anthony White explained that angry residents had also been concerned over the state of the beach because of dogs fouling in the area and owners failing to clear it up.

Cllr White said he and Councillor Sylvia Dunn had received several complaints and as a result an increase in spot check operations would now be taking place.

Cllr Dunn pointed out that while there were many responsible dog owners, a ‘small minority’ were causing the problem, adding, “It’s not only disgusting, it’s a health hazard.”

Her Conservative colleague said Chalvington Fields, Blatchington Pond and Crouch Gardens had all been flagged up as problem areas.

He added, “On investigating why this problem has seemed to be on the increase, myself and Cllr Dunn believe that it is a result of the nights drawing in and that dog owners are getting away with not clearing up after their dogs because they are under the cover of darkness.

“Lewes District Council’s dog warden has been made aware of the situation and as a direct result of the conversation,

there will now be spot check operations taking place in seafords open spaces.”

Cllr White, who is urging the public to report any incidents to the dog warden, added, “I understand it’s not the nicest thing in the world to have to do.

“I’ve got four dogs myself but if you have a dog you have a responsibility to the town and to keep the place clean.

“How would they feel if their child trod in it?

“I think it’s the height of ignorance.”

A spokeperson for Lewes District Council said, “Officers from the Council’s Animal Control Team routinely patrol public areas of all our towns to enforce dog fouling laws.

“In Seaford, as well as the streets and parks, we also visit the beach to enforce the dog ban on part of the bathing beach.

“Our patrols are performed by uniformed officers who are authorised to challenge dog owners who do not clear up after their pets and collect evidence for any subsequent legal proceedings.

“The vast majority of dog owners are responsible, but the council will seek to prosecute those few dog owners who do not clear up dog fouling”.