SEAFORD: Council reveals tax freeze target

SEAFORD residents could see a freeze on part of their council tax bill next year.

Lewes District Council Conservatives has confirmed their intention to deliver a 0 per cent increase on council tax in 2012 and councillors are convinced that this can be done without compromising key services.

Cabinet councillor Donna Edmunds said, “It’s all about priorities. My colleagues and I ran for election on a manifesto that promised to deliver the services people really need, without costing our residents any more money. We intend to keep that promise as best we can.

“We are all too aware that with fuel and food costs rising rapidly, household budgets are being squeezed.

“I would find it amoral for the council to avoid taking a good look at its own budget, when householders are being forced to do just that.

“The average family can’t simply ask others for more money to help with the bills, and neither will we.

“Of course this will mean some tough decisions by our councillors, but we are all working very hard to deliver a program of prudent fiscal management that safeguards the services people rely on.”

The council believes not increasing the council tax for residents in the district next year is achievable and can follow on from 2010/11 where it also remained at 0 per cent.

Lewes District Council tax is currently set at £192.48 for a band D property.

Cabinet Councillor James Page, who holds the portfolio for finance, said, “I have been working closely with council officers to gain a complete picture of the functions and budget of the council, so that the most effective money-saving ideas can be identified.

“I’d like to thank council staff for the excellent ideas they have already provided.

“Over the next few months, the hard work will continue to ensure we have looked at every penny of taxpayers’ money spent by the council, to ensure it provides an excellent return in terms of service. I am confident we will reach our targeted tax freeze in 2012.”