Seaford: College’s GCSE results see 10 per cent improvement

STAFF and pupils at Seaford Head Community College are celebrating following positive figures in the latest GCSE league table.

The school saw 66 per cent of its pupils getting five A* to C grades at GCSE, including English and maths in 2011, which is a rise of 10 per cent from the previous year.

Headteacher Lynton Golds said she was also pleased with the Value Added section, which shows progress made by students from Key Stage 2 to 4.

She said: “Parents will be delighted to note that the 2012 ‘5+ GCSE results, including English & Mathematics, placed the school in the top quartile for all maintained secondary schools in East Sussex.

“This outstanding achievement has come about as a direct result of the hard work and commitment by the entire staff at Seaford Head Community College over the past seven years and the valuable support given to students by their parents.

“Value Added was extremely positive for Seaford Head Community College placing the school in the top 30 per cent of all East Sussex secondary schools.

“We look forward to the school continuing to make outstanding progress.”

Elsewhere Newlands School saw a decrease of 31 per cent from results achieved over the past year.

Headteacher Mandy Johannson explained that each year group at Newlands has a very different profile with factors including year numbers, the number of boys and girls and those students needing additional support.

She said last year’s Year 11 group had 25 students, adding, “64 per cent were boys and 36 per cent girls. 40 per cent had additional learning needs and 69 per cent had sufficient learning needs to qualify for extra time in the exams.

“This is significantly different from previous years and also different from our current profiles.”

She added that the school was focusing at all times on each individual child and that statistics did not always tell the full story. “Many schools do not enter all their students for GCSEs if they feel they may not get a C grade. At Newlands we entered everyone, in the spirit of opportunity. This affects the overall count.

“The statistics are based on how many GCSEs are entered overall and the quantity passed at A* - C including Maths and English, not on how many students achieved A* to C.

!So another way of looking at the success of a school is to see the individual achievements of each student.

“The students themselves last year were pleased with their own results.”