Seaford charity marathon runner, Bill, dies of cancer

Bill Young at the 2006 London Marathon. Photo courtesy of Seaford Striders.
Bill Young at the 2006 London Marathon. Photo courtesy of Seaford Striders.

TRIBUTES have been paid to a ‘superb all-rounder’ who completed 100 marathons despite being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Bill Young passed away on Saturday and his wife Glynis and a friend from Seaford Striders, which he was a co-founder of, have paid their respects to the 75-year-old.

Glynis, who met Bill through the club in 1993 and married him 11 years later, was able to spend the last week of Bill’s life with him in hospital.

She said, “He was a very determined man which he needed to be to do the marathons that he did.

“He had a serious side but he had a sense of humour and had all the doctors and nurses laughing.”

The grandfather, who was press officer for the Seaford Striders until a few weeks ago, was born in Brighton and moved to Newhaven in 1995.

He was an enthusiastic runner and back in 2006 finished the amazing challenge of completing his 100th marathon helping to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Relief in the process. Bill, who raised thousands for good causes over the years, took a turn for the worse in August last year.

In January Bill, who had a son, daughter and two grandsons, received several trophies for his dedication including one for the ‘most courageous’ in the club, having continued to participate in events until July 2011, despite being ill. He was also presented with the ‘men’s captain trophy’ and ‘founder’s trophy’ – to tie in with the club celebrating its 25th anniversary last year.

Martin Bulger, co-founder of the club, received support from Bill and others when he put out an advert asking for people interested in setting up a running club.

He said, “He was an amazing guy, I’ve known him for about 25 years. He’s just been such a support to new runners, quite an inspiration.

“He was very focused and a really loyal club member who was very supportive and prepared to help anyone and offer advice.

“He was a superb all rounder.

“He had an awful lot of jobs that people aren’t always aware of that are crucial to the smooth running of a club.”