Seaford: Charities given a warm welcome to cold calling zones

CHARITIES in Seaford have crossed the first hurdle in a bid to be exempt from a No Cold Calling Zone in the town.

The Rotary Club of Seaford and the Newhaven, Peacehaven and Seaford Lions, were among those who feared fund-raisers such as Santa and his Sleigh and selling programmes door-to-door for local good causes would be banned if the scheme got the go ahead.

The story made the national papers after the organisations’ concerns grew, fearing they would be badly hit in the pocket if the zone was extended to cover the whole of Seaford.

The upset began when charities learnt people were being asked if they wanted to give the potential scheme the thumbs up.

They were also asked whether they would like to see charities given the chance to be exempt.

However, local groups feared that many people would either not answer the question or tick yes because they might not want bigger national charities knocking on doors.

But at a Seaford Town Council meeting last week it was announced that people had voted in favour of charities having the opportunity to be exempt.

A total of 462 residents voted in favour of this, while 325 said they shouldn’t be given the chance.

Others said they were unsure or didn’t answer.

This was in comparison to 815 who voted for a cold calling zone to be introduced.

Only 863 responded to the survey out of some 25,000 residents who were able to do so.

Bill Yoxall, club secretary of the NPS Lions, said, “We’re very pleased that our strength in the community has produced support for the local community charities.

“We do actually support No Cold Calling, the reason being that people don’t want to be harassed for contracts with gas, double glazing and drives for example.

“If someone doesn’t want to buy a Donkey Derby programme we would walk away.

“We’re happy that a balanced response has been produced.

“We do support the authorities in their efforts to prevent door step crime.

“What we want to do is carry on our charity work and support good causes.”

The results from the public consultation will now be passed on to the police panel and Trading Standards.

Both police and Trading Standards will then discuss the matter with Seaford Town Council to decide whether the scheme should get the go ahead and if charities will have the right to be exempt.


462 residents against 325 vote to exempt



• Do you agree with the result of the poll?

• Should charities be given exemption from

cold calling zones?

• Or should there be blanket coverage?


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