SEAFORD: Book store shuts up shop

Staff at the bookshop
Staff at the bookshop

A CHRISTIAN bookshop in Seaford has closed its doors.

Living Words, in Place Lane, has been established for more than 20 years but the decision was made recently to shut up shop.

Carol Jarvis, chair of Living Words Trust, the charity that took over the shop around a year ago, said, “It’s to do with two things. One is probably the recession and the other is the change in the way people buy books, a lot of people are buying online and at the end of the day the sales were not high enough to keep the shop open.” On the shop’s last day, staff served tea and coffee to customers to mark the last day of business and to thank people for their support.

Speaking before the closure Carol said, “A lot of people in the town have expressed how sorry they are that we are closing. But opportunities sometimes come out of endings.

“Living Words Trust will continue to explore options for the future.”

Carol said the team would also like to thank the volunteers who had helped in the shop.