SEAFORD: Bob’s back from latest charity trip

The Cambodia Children's Painting Project has proved a great success for the local children
The Cambodia Children's Painting Project has proved a great success for the local children

A SEAFORD resident has returned home after spending the New Year abroad supporting a charity in Cambodia.

Bob Sinclair first became involved with Cambodia Children’s Painting Project (CCPP) a few years ago when he travelled to the country.

The scheme got underway at a school in Sihanoukville which is mainly assisted by volunteers to help teach the youngsters different skills and experimenting through art has proved very popular with the children.

Bob first visited the country back in December 2009 for around a month.

He said, “I was visiting Cambodia and went in the school to observe what they were doing.

“They suggested I might be able to help with some work with the children and also on the European fundraising campaign which they were planning to get underway in spring 2010.”

The Connaught Road resident has experience of working with young people in school, fundraising and marketing.

Following his first visit two managers from the school came over to the UK and raised around £50,000 which enabled the school to move to a better established campus in the same area.

Bob was delighted to be able to take substantial additional donation from some Seaford residents with him on his return trip in January this year.

The money went towards supporting children who had suffered from a local outbreak of typhoid.

Reflecting on his trip Bob added, “The country is making strenuous efforts, successfully by and large, to recover from the horrors of the Pol Pot regime.

“They are putting a lot of emphasis into primary education, nearly all the children are speaking some English.”

Last year an exhibition of the children’s art work took place and currently the CCPP is in the course of gaining charity status in the UK.

Any readers wishing to give additional support to this work can contact Bob on 893627.

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