Seaford beach is unstable and dangerous, claims resident

A letter has been written to Seaford MP Norman Baker by a resident who claims the town’s beach is dangerous and that the Environment Agency (EA) is not doing enough to tackle the problem.

Jim Skinner, who is chairman of the Friends of Tide Mills, said it is not the first time he has highlighted his concerns over the state of the area.

The Denton resident said the beach needed to be managed differently and has asked Mr Baker to take the matter up with Defra.

He added, “The beach now is quite unstable and dangerous. The EA don’t seem to be doing anything apart from shifting a bit of shingle around.

“I feel it’s quite unsafe now.

“The problem is at the top half of the beach is compressed. At high tide you can get these water surges occurring. “There’s going to be an horrendous incident if something isn’t done to get.”

Last year he said he had seen a girl get into difficulties in the water and she had to be pulled out.

He argues that the beach is need of a major makeover and feels the shingle in places is very steep.

David Robinson, Solent & South Downs Area Flood & Coastal Risk operations manager, said, “By undertaking the recycling work we are able to maintain the defences at Seaford in readiness for the spring tides and stormy winter weather.

“Shingle recycling at Seaford has been identified as the most cost-effective method for maintaining the beach for coastal protection and recreational purposes, whilst still allowing natural coastal processes to continue.”