SEAFORD: Author Chris is shortlisted for literary accolade

Chris Morton's book has been shortlisted for the Not the Booker Prize.
Chris Morton's book has been shortlisted for the Not the Booker Prize.

THE DEBUT novel of a Seaford author has been shortlisted for the Not The Booker Prize award.

The accolade, run by The Guardian newspaper, gives the public their say on who should win a prestigious literary award such as the Man Booker Prize.

Chris Morton, who penned English Slacker, has found his publication is among those which has been shortlisted.

The 34-year-old Seaford resident said, “I always used to write when I was a kid. I was quite enthusiastic about it and I always had ambition to try and do my own.”

Chris wrote two pieces of work which were not published but said they were a ‘learning process’ before he finished his recent book.

Talking about his latest project he added, “It took me a year and a half off and on. The computer kept breaking and I kept scrapping it and going back to a point where I could start again.

“There were times when I would finish work and wanted to go home and watch a DVD but I knew I had to look at it.”

Chris, who studied creative writing at Sussex University, focused his book on a student living in Bracksea in England.

The character, called Chambers, is ready for what is to be his last summer of freedom going to parties and getting drunk.

But what begins as a seemingly innocent and routine set of social events soon turns into a nightmare for Chambers as a suppressed memory – which may or may not be related to the recent disappearance of his best friend Colin – begins to surface.

Chris, who spends a lot of time working as an English teacher mainly in Asia, has also written short fiction pieces that have been printed in various magazines, fanzines and student publications.