Sea-Gals team up to raise cash for sailors


A mother and daughter from Eastbourne recently battled challenging conditions to complete a climb up Mount Kinabalu, raising more than £6,000 for charity.

Julie Causton, along with her 16-year-old daughter Maddie Jackson, were raising money for the Sailor’s Society, which supports seafarers worldwide who are away from their families for long periods of time.

Julie, from Cobb PR in Eastbourne, said, “Merchant seamen can be at sea for months at a time, and it can be really isolating. The Sailor’s Society provides emotional and practical support for sailors of all nationalities and all religions in ports around the world.

“The charity is really under the radar when it comes to being supported. You get these guys who are out at sea for around six months at a time, and sometimes they’re the only person on the ship that speaks the language. When their ship pulls in, they can go to the Sailor’s Society chaplains and can often get to Skype their families, chat to somebody, and can get hospital treatment if they’re ill.”

They were also accompanied by teammate Christa Etienne Young and the trio, known as The Sea-Gals, successfully climbed more than 4,000 metres to raise £6,200 by reaching the peak of the mountain in Borneo.

In total, they took five-and -a-half hours to complete the climb, which was made even more memorable because Maddie was the youngest person on the expedition.