Scouts delighted by Duchess of Cambridge’s interest

The Duchess of Cambridge: Picture Chris Jackson/PA Wire
The Duchess of Cambridge: Picture Chris Jackson/PA Wire

EASTBOURNE Scouts have welcomed the news that HRH the Duchess of Cambridge has chosen to become a volunteer helper with the Scout Association.

The Duchess said that she will be ready and willing to help local Scout groups in her area with activities that suit her interests and these are likely to include running games, teaching first aid or cooking on campfires.

Local District Commissioner for Scouts Christine Skinner said she was absolutely delighted with the news.

She added that she hoped that Her Royal Highnesses example would encourage local people to help local scout groups.

In Eastbourne and the surrounding areas there are 11 Scout groups and a number of district units working to provide activities for boys and girls aged six years and over and with no shortage of new members wanting to become Scouts, more help is always needed.

Further information is available at or by calling 0845 0946252.