Scooters for school run

The mums take to their scooters on the seafront
The mums take to their scooters on the seafront
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MUMS at Pashley Down Infant are joining their children by taking to their scooters for the school run.

With thousands of children throughout the country using their scooters to get to and from school, some mums were finding it difficult to keep up.

Francesca Vogels, a Pashley Down mum and PE teacher, is now getting a group together each Wednesday for some additional training exercises.

Many of the mums got their scooters for Christmas and they are following a different route each week to vary the terrain.

It also provides the women with a cardio workout, even proving challenging for a number of the mums who work within the fitness profession.

Francesca said, “Having worked at a local infant school as a PE teacher, I was put in charge of the travel plan.

“We wanted to introduce healthier methods of getting to school as well as ways of cutting down our carbon footprint. The use of scooters was the obvious answer. Kids can reach quite a speed on these things and it was hard for some parents to keep up.

“I started scootering to school with my children and soon lots of other parents followed suit.

“We came up with the idea of the Scooter Club as a way of improving our fitness as well as having fun.”

Micro Scooters UK is so impressed with the idea they are looking into setting up Mums Scooter Clubs as a national scheme.