Schoolboy unhurt in freak accident

A SCHOOLBOY almost accidentally hanged himself in a freak accident at an Eastbourne school.

The 11-year-old boy suffered minor injuries after a prank went wrong in the cloakroom at West Rise Junior School.

Police say it appears a jumper became entangled around the youngster’s neck while he was playing near some cloakroom pegs, causing him to be suspended for a short while.

His classmates at the Chaffinch Road school were praised for releasing him and carrying out first aid until emergency services arrived.

The boy, described as very clever, popular and a real high flier, suffered only minor injuries and was released from hospital within an hour and returned to school the following day unscathed.

Insp Damen Funnell, from the Eastbourne’s Neighbourhood Policing Team said, “This was a very frightening incident for the youngster and other pupils who were with him when it happened.

“Their swift actions in getting him down and performing first aid undoubtedly prevented this from being far more serious. The boy was taken to hospital with his family to assess his injuries and Sussex Police will continue to work with them – and the school – to provide support as appropriate.”

The incident is not being treated as suspicious.

Headteacher Mike Fairclough said the incident was a silly accident but fortunately not serious. “The main thing is everybody came out unscathed and the boy involved is absolutely fine,” said Mr Fairclough.