School’s exciting arts project in praise of nature

The field trip to Seaford Head
The field trip to Seaford Head

An innovative arts project has been in progress at Seaford Head School since February.

This initiative has brought professional artists, poets and musicians to work with young people, celebrating the beauty of our surrounding countryside.

It has involved all 240 pupils in Year 7, the GCSE music students, media club, and drama students.

The project, named ‘Seaford Inspired’, focuses on music, poetry and art, that has been inspired by the stunning local landscape.

The young people have been involved in workshops with professional artist Sarah Gregson, poet Jackie Wills, and composer Simon Birch. There have been assemblies for Year 7 students presenting poetry, music, art and history of Seaford, and a field trip around Seaford Headland to gather inspiration to create their own works of art.

The newly formed Community Interest Company, Seaford in Harmony, has funded the project.

The final event of this project will be an exciting concert next month in collaboration with the acclaimed Sussex-based chamber music group the Corelli Ensemble, alongside an exhibition of the students’ own creative works.

It promises to be a wonderful evening of music, poetry and art.

The first half of the concert will feature Vaughan Williams’ Lark Ascending (solo violin, Maeve Jenkinson), and a new work composed especially for this occasion by Simon Birch, based on three poems about Seaford written by local poet Peter Martin.

In the interval, the audience will have an opportunity to see the works of poetry, art, drama, music and film created by the Seaford Head students as a result of the project.

The second half of the concert will consist of performances by students, directed by Dave Faulkner, Head of Arts, in collaboration with the Corelli Ensemble.

The event is taking place on Saturday, May 9, at Seaford Head Upper School, Arundel Road. To reserve tickets, visit they are priced at £10 per adult, and £2 per child.