School friends meet again after 70 years

Betty Wratton and Betty Coldman
Betty Wratton and Betty Coldman

TWO elderly ladies called Betty living in the same nursing home last week discovered they were school friends 70 years ago.

Betty Coldman, 90, and Betty Wratten, 82, from the Pentlow Nursing Home in Summerdown Road, are now busy reminiscing about their time at school and Sunday school in Heathfield.

The pair were best friends both attended the Maynard Green School. Mrs Wratten lived with her grandmother and 12 other children.

She said, “We all played together in a big group.

“We were like a family and Betty remembers all the children and my aunts and uncles.”

However, despite living in the same nursing home and going out on trips together, the two Bettys were unaware they knew each other until last week.

The discovery was made when they started talking on the minibus on the way to Pevensey.

Mrs Coldman said, “We got talking and then we realised, we looked at each other and recognised each other. We haven’t changed that much over the years.”