School drop-off row driver reversed into three-year-old girl

A 69-YEAR-OLD man, who was flouting parking rules, reversed his car into a three-year-old girl and her mother, a court heard.

Claire Prodger, prosecuting, said Peter Chantry, of Snowdon Close, Eastbourne , backed his car into the little girl on Adur Drive, leaving her in tears and with bruising to her head and shoulder on January 10. Chantry also bumped her mother.

The court heard the toddler’s mother walked around the car to remonstrate with Chantry, who was parked on double yellow lines near Stone Cross School.

Ms Prodger said he raised his arms and pulled a face.

She added the mother was so angry that she kicked the underside of Chantry’s Lexus before he drove off.

Chantry pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention at Eastbourne Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday (April 26).

The prosecution said the mother, child and a friend had been walking to Stone Cross School at 2.15pm.

Chantry’s parked Lexus hindered their view and they had to step a foot out into the road to see past him. Without any warning the parked car, about a foot away, started reversing.

“She (the mother) did not immediately realise it was doing so until she was pushed sideways.

“Her daughter started crying and she believes it hit her on the head,” said Ms Prodger.

Andrew Whelpton, defending, said Chantry had parked up to drop someone off and had checked around his car before pulling away.

He said, “It was a momentary lapse of concentration.

“By his guilty plea he has accepted the incident. He has been distressed by the whole affair.”

Chantry, who already has six points on his licence for speeding and using a mobile phone while driving, was fined £195 and had another four points put on his licence.

Presiding magistrate, Gavin Smith, told the defendant, “You reversed at very low speed from a parked position, causing minor injuries and for this you are being fined.”