Saxon life on show at event


A Saxon tented village will be set up for three days over the May Bank Holiday in Gildredge Park.

The Heritage Lottery funded Eastbourne Ancestors project will organise the event, where the country’s foremost Anglo-Saxon living history group, Regia Anglorum, will be recreating everyday life in the Saxon era.

The village will show how everyday people lived in Saxon times and give the public a chance to see their crafts and weaponry.

This is particularly relevant to the project as Eastbourne Ancestors is currently examining the human remains from two Saxon cemeteries within Eastbourne.

The Eastbourne Ancestors team really wants the public to grasp the idea that history and archaeology is about how people lived, not just about how they died and indeed that our forbears of more than 1,000 years ago were just like us in so many ways.

The three-day event takes place on Saturday May 4 (11am - 5pm), Sunday May 5 (10am - 5pm) and Monday May 6 (10am - 5pm) and is free. Gildredge park café will be open to serve customers from the event.

Senior head of tourism and leisure Tracey McNulty said, “The Eastbourne Ancestors’ project is very exciting and I hear the team have discovered a lot about our past.

“The event looks set for a thrilling weekend where visitors can learn how it was in Saxon times as well as getting involved with the fun of the event.”

There are more than 300 skeletons in the Eastbourne Heritage Service collection, most of them Anglo-Saxon from around 1,500 years ago but some are possibly Neolithic, more than 4,000 years old.

The aim of Eastbourne Ancestors is to give an osteo-biography or story from the bones for each individual in the collection.

This will involve detailed scientific analysis which will not only confirm the sex, age and stature of each individual but could also tell us about their health, diet, social status, place of origin and perhaps how they died.

• For more information go to bourneAncestors