Saucy pier postcard latest: Is Eastbourne Britain’s most prudish town? asks Daily Mail

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A national newspaper suggested Eastbourne is the most prudish town in Britain after following up on the Herald exclusive about police being called to investigate obscene postcards on the pier.

In last Friday’s Herald we revealed that Ian Donald had bee quizzed by police after complaints his Gifts @ Eastbourne Pier shop was flogging postcards with naked women on.

The story, which was followed up five days later by The Argus and the Daily Mail, saw a host of readers jump to the businessman’s defence – with almost everyone agreeing that saucy seaside postcards are a much-loved part of life in coastal resorts.

However, it seems that the original complaint by local church minister Ashley Steinschauer has seen Eastbourne labelled as prudish and conservative by the Mail – which seems to have ignored the overwhelmingly well-humoured reaction locally.

Mr Steinschauer argued that the images, which included one of a naked woman sat on a beach with her back to the camera and another showing a lady with one of her breasts on show, make the town look sleazy and was damaging its reputation.

However, it seems that rather than make Eastbourne look like a den of iniquity, the story has in fact had the opposite effect.

This Friday’s Herald will include a page of local reaction, including an interview with an expert in seaside sauce.

Now we want to hear from you, the reader.

Is the Daily Mail right to suggest Eastbourne is the most prudish town in Britain on the back of one man’s comments? What do you think of naughty postcards? Leave your comments below.

Also, we are appealing to local to send us their best saucy postcards and we will print the best. Post your cards to Saucy Eastbourne, Eastbourne Herald, Berkeley House, Gildridge Road, Eastbourne.