Sandra raises more than £500 for JPK

Beachy Head Marathon October 27th 2012 E44045N
Beachy Head Marathon October 27th 2012 E44045N

A woman has raised more than £500 for an Eastbourne project to build residential accommodation for disabled people.

Sandra Fowlie put her best foot forward for the Beachy Head marathon and after finishing it in five hours and 25 minutes, also raised the cash for the JPK Project, which is behind the scheme.

Sandra said, “My eldest son has a learning disability and he is desperate to live on his own, have friends and have a job. Unfortunately, the reality is, that he will always need someone keeping an eye on him. The aims and objectives of the JPK would be ideal as it will be providing a residential and training centre for young people with a learning disability.

“Although it is a great challenge I am enjoying the experience and am delighted to be able to help this wonderful charity, which will hopefully, one day, be helping my son and others to achieve their dreams.”

JPK Project co-ordinator Jill Parker said, “I am extremely grateful to Sandra for undertaking the arduous Beachy Head Marathon in aid of the JPK Sussex Project which has been formed to provide a supported living centre for people with a learning disability in Eastbourne and for the surrounding areas.

“I met Sandra at Exceat where she appeared cheerful and ready for the final haul up and down the Seven Sisters and again at the finish.

“To date Sandra has raised nearly £500 in donations and sponsorship. She is a star.”