Salvatian Army film cash boost for the RNLI

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A FILM about the Salvation Army movement in Eastbourne has proved such a success that moviemakers behind the project had made a donation to the local RNLI.

Marching to Music, which has sold hundreds of copies and was sent to schools and colleges across the area, shows the struggle the charity went through to establish itself in Eastbourne in the early 1890s, with a host of local figures apparently opposed to the Salvation Army getting too much influence in the town.

A central character in the story is lifeboat coxswain and fisherman Tom Boniface and it was his story which inspired the film makers from Riot Film Group to hand over a £500 cheque to the Eastbourne lifeboat crew.

DVD copies are on sale at Eastbourne’s Heritage Centre, the Museum of Shops in Cornfield Terrace, and tourist information centre. - proceeds to the Salvation Army.