Safe cycling debate needed to share roads responsibly

Katy Bourne speaks out ENGSUS00120140901092046
Katy Bourne speaks out ENGSUS00120140901092046

Police Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne has welcomed a debate on cycling safety.

MPs will be debating cycling safety in Parliament and Katy Bourne has said Sussex Police is doing all it can to make sure cyclists are using the road responsibly.

She said, “Cycling is a healthy and environmentally friendly way to get around our county. However, with over 1,700 incidents involving cyclists in Sussex in the last three years, it’s vital that all road users behave responsibly. This means respecting each other’s chosen mode of transport - be that on four wheels or two.

“With MPs debating cycling safety in Parliament next week, this subject is both topical and emotive.”

Mrs Bourne said she was aware some cyclists use pavements, jump red lights and are hard to see at night.

She explained she had been at a meeting recently where a cyclist explained he sometimes rides on the pavement due to the irresponsible driving of some motorists.

Mrs Bourne said, “Sussex Police enforce the law through regular days of action, proactive awareness campaigns and working with partners. However, prosecution can only happen when an irresponsible road user is caught in the act.

“Effective CCTV monitoring is already helping Sussex Police to identify law breakers and I welcome the debate – and any practical suggestions – that enable people to share our roads safely and responsibly.”

Eastbourne has had its fair share of clashes between motorists and cyclists.

Back in March, more than 10,000 people watched a video by Eastbourne Cycling festival organiser Eddie Bell on YouTube. Mr Bell had an altercation with the motorist while out cycling near Pevensey Bay and recorded the incident through a camera on his safety hat.

The motorist abused him verbally before walking off.