Runners use unique fundraising method

Fiona Bugler and Chris  Roberts are running across the Himalayas for charity. October 9th 2013 E41525P
Fiona Bugler and Chris Roberts are running across the Himalayas for charity. October 9th 2013 E41525P

When fundraising, it’s hard to stand out from the rest of the charity-supporting crowd. That’s why Fiona Bugler and her partner Chris Roberts have created a unique way to try and attract donations to their cause.

The pair will be running the Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race later this month and have taken to social media in a bid to raise funds for three charities - The British Heart Foundation, Prostate Cancer UK and Breast Cancer Care.

Their innovative idea uses the hashtag #priceofacoffee to try and encourage people to donate just £2 to each of the charities in question in the hope that a large number of small donations will make a grand total.

Fiona, 45, said, “We wanted to get the message out but for people not to feel hassled into giving a lot of money.

“We both use social media and know how it works, so this is almost like an experiment into how it can be used to help raise money for charity.”

Fiona, a writer and runner of 15 marathons, insists the pair are feeling a nervous excitement ahead of their trip, for which they will leave from Heathrow Airport on Wednesday, October 23. From here, they will endure five days of endless travelling before reaching their start destination - Maneybhanyjang, India.

Fiona revealed it’s less the thought of running 100 miles across mountains with the possibility of running into yaks and horses that worries her, but more the conditions in which they will be running.

She added, “Chris and I are both endurance runners, we know what to expect from the running. My biggest fear is the health side of things and what might happen because of the altitude. We have been preparing by going to the Altitude Centre and running about 60 miles a week.

“It’ll be more like an expedition than a marathon but it will be an adventure.”

The Stage Race will take place over five days, between October 25 and November, 1.

It will involve climbing a total of 33,000 feet at an altitude of 11,000, including tackling The Everest Marathon on day three.

You can help them reach their £3,000 target by donating at