RSPCA warning after Eastbourne dog rescue

The RSPCA has released a warning after two dogs were seen scurrying along a narrow 20ft-high ledge in Eastbourne town centre.

Crowds gathered to watch as the Yorkshire Terriers, which had climbed out of an open first-floor window, were rescued by a Neighbourhood First officer from their perilous position above shops in Langney Road yesterday (Monday).

The dogs on the edge of glory

The dogs on the edge of glory

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It is understood the pair have been reunited with their owners.

The animal charity has spoken out urging people to take care of pets near windows after the incident.

An RSPCA spokesperson said, “It’s well-known that open windows can be dangerous for cats and, sadly, in recent weeks during the hot weather we’ve had a number of incidences of cats falling from windows.

“However, open windows can also be hazardous for other pets including dogs, particularly if the windows are low to the ground or can be reached by dogs jumping up onto sofas and out of them.

“We’d urge pet owners to take great care of their pets near windows and on balconies. Limiters and mesh can be used to help make open windows safer for pets.”