RSPCA appeal after ducks and hens beaten to death

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Thugs stamped pet ducks and hens to death in a sickening attack at a Hailsham pub.

The creatures were pets at the Plough Inn in Upper Dicker and were kept in a large undercover run during the night.

Landlady Emma Sargent, who runs the pub with her partner Howard Stevens, said, “They are just down past the car park and we thought they would be safe there.”

However, on the evening on April 4 someone lifted the fence and went in to the run. They stamped on the hens–until they were dead and hit the ducks with planks of wood. One of the creatures was left in the nearby pond with a plank of wood on its neck.

Emma said, “We saw them on Friday night, the chef went down to put them in their run and then he found them the dead the next morning – the poor little sausages.

“They were scattered around their run dead. They had been chased and stamped on.”

All five chickens and three ducks were killed.

Emma said, “I think the people who did this are absolutely disgusting creatures and I hope the RSPCA catches them.

“I am furious and I think they deserve the same treatment as those poor ducks.”

Emma explained the run was near the car park and could have been accessed by anyone.

She said, “I can understand if they wanted them and they nicked them but why kill them?”

The ducks and hens came to live at the land by the Plough Inn around four months ago and were able to run about near the beer garden.

Emma said, “We thought it would be nice for the children in the garden during the summer months.”

Emma and Howard have been shocked, upset and disgusted by the incident.

Emma said, “We won’t be getting anymore.

“We can’t go through that again and I wouldn’t want to put the poor animals through it either.”

Empty vodka bottles were found near the shed where the dead birds were found.

The RSPCA has been informed and is now appealing for information

RSPCA inspector Mel Brett said, “There was a wedding reception taking place at the pub that evening so I’m hoping someone might have seen something that might help track down who was responsible for this shocking attack.”

Anyone who has any information about this incident is urged to contact Inspector Brett by calling The RSPCA’s inspector information line, in confidence, on 0300 123 8018.

Emma added, “We hope the RSPCA finds whoever did this and prosecutes.”