Rosie’s Register: Lost and found cats in the Eastbourne area

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Missing from Gilda Crescent in Polegate, is PRINCESS, who is a short haired, tabby/torti and white cat.

As you can see from her picture, she is a predominantly tabby and white cat with some patches of ginger within her fur. Her chest and paws are white. She had only been in a new home for two days, when she managed to escape from there on Wednesday, 9th March. She is microchipped, but to her old address in Bexhill. Princess will most likely be very scared and have no idea of her bearings, so if you live anywhere near Gilda Crescent, or elsewhere in Polegate, please check your gardens, sheds, garages and greenhouses, in case she is hiding there. L8C3-12/3

Do you recognise this cat?

Do you recognise this cat?

I seem to have a spate of short haired black cats going missing at present, and there are three l would like to mention here today:

The first of them is SCEPTRE, who has gone missing from his home in Lower Dicker, very near the Potters Pantry on the A22. There is obvious concern about the dangerous road, but as a body hasn’t been discovered, it is hoped that Sceptre is still alive and around there somewhere.Sceptre went missing on 9th or 10th March.


Also, MALAKI, who is of a small build, and not yet neutered, disappeared from his home in Marsden Road, Langney, on the evening of Monday, 7th March.There have now been some possible sightings of him, but as he’s black it is difficult to be certain it was him. Please call me if you find an entire male black cat, that might turn out to be him, especially if you are in Langney.


The last of the three missing black cats is SOOTY who, unfortunately, broke free from his cat carrier, outside Horsebridge Vets, near Hailsham, on the morning of 16th March. He was on his way to be neutered and microchipped, but never made it. Consequently he is not chipped, and is still an entire male cat. He was wearing a red velvet collar with a bell on it, though that may have come off him by now. His home address is in north Hailsham, and it is vaguely possible that he might try to make his way back to Falcon Way there. He’s normally a nervous cat, and this occurence will have traumatised him, so please be vigilant if you live on the Hailsham/Horsebidge border, and keep a close eye on your gardens and outbuildings. His owner is very concerned for his safety. Please ring me if you think you’ve found him.


Now, a short haired, mackerel tabby cat/Bengal cross, called ASI, who has been missing from his home in Manifold Road, Eastbourne, since Sunday, 6th March. He is a usually fit and athletic cat, who will be nervous of strangers. Luckily Asi is micochipped, so it will be easy to reunite him with his owner, once found. His owner is doing everything she can to find him, but needs help from the Gazette’s readers too.


Lastly today, does anybody recognise this pretty torti and white (pictured), short haired cat, who has been seen, since late February, in the Camber Drive area of Beachlands, Pevensey Bay?

As she’s a torti, she will almost certainly be female. She may have an owner; that is what l am trying to find out. Please ring me if you are her owner, if you have seen her yourself, or have any useful information as to who she is. You can reach me on 01825 873067. I do not want to take her away from Beachlands as a stray, if she isn’t one. Thank you for your help.

It is always much appreciated.