Romance helps keep Letty in good health

Letty Lesser
Letty Lesser

SPRIGHTLY centenarian Letty Lesser has put her longevity and remarkable good health down to the romance she has enjoyed throughout her life.

Mrs Lesser has outlived her three husbands but told the Herald Frank Binder, Joseph Dalton and Harry Lesser were all lovely men and very devoted.

And the 100-year-old, who celebrated her birthday on January 24, says she still enjoys dates with male friends from time to time.

She said, “I think my secret is romance. I have had a lot of romance in my life over the years.

“I think it is nice to have a nice man take you out. I still have that too. I have always loved clothes and making the best of myself. I really enjoy getting dressed-up to be taken out. Some people say they can’t be bothered with all that, but I think if you can’t be bothered you let yourself go.”

Mrs Lesser lives at the Hawthorns in Carew Road and is very independent. She enjoys regular shopping trips and coffee with friends in the Arndale Centre. She also enjoys entertaining her many friends in her apartment by preparing a buffet.

Mrs Lesser dose not use a walking stick or frame, has not suffered from hearing loss and only has to wear her glasses for reading and watching the television.

Around two years ago she wrote her life story: the memoir included tales of her well-travelled life, her time living in Argentina and her work for the Red Cross during World War II.

The life story also details Mrs Lesser’s most frightening war experience.

She explained she went to live in South America in Argentina just before the war broke out.

Mrs Lesser and her husband Frank then volunteered for National Service and returned to the UK in 1940.

She said, “We had the most terrible journey home and I didn’t think I would survive. We spent 28 days at sea and the U-Boats, the Nazis, surrounded us. I have never been so frightened in all my life.”

When Mrs Lesser returned to the UK she joined the Red Cross and worked in a hospital before moving back to Argentina for a few years after the war.

She then lived in Brighton for many years but moved to Eastbourne when her third husband Harry Lesser died nine years ago.

She celebrated her birthday with her friends at Hawthorns, had a visit from mayor of Eastbourne Carolyn Heaps and received more than 100 birthday cards.

She also enjoyed a party at the Grand Hotel with 28 of her close friends.

She said, “I have always got on well with people. I have many friends and I am never bored or lonely.”