Roadshow focuses on help for disabled

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A DISABILITY Involvement Group (DIG) roadshow is taking place in the Devonshire Halls, Winter Garden, on Thursday, September 15 (10.30am-2pm).

The DIG event is an opportunity for local disabled people and carers to find out more about what services and support there is for them in the town.

It’s been organised by local disabled people for local disabled people – helping ensure that it is topical and relevant.

There will be plenty of stalls, information and equipment to trial. The event is free of charge and anybody is welcome.

The Disability Involvement Group was established in 2007 primarily to assist the council with its disability equality work. 

Since this time the scope of the DIG has broadened and it is now a group representing nearly 2,000 disabled people in Eastbourne. 

DIG welcomes speakers from areas of interest from both the private and public sectors and works with these organisations to raise awareness of disability equality and improve opportunities for disabled people.

For further information about the Disability Involvement Group or events that they organise then visit