Road closures timeline

Concern is growing over months of travel disruption as roads are closed while a major new water pipe is laid in Willingdon.

South East Water is to lay a new 1.3 kilometre pipeline – to increase the amount of water pumped into the area – along a number of roads in the area from July 24 and a number of roads will be affected during the 11-month scheme including Broad Road, Farmlands Avenue and Farmlands Way.

The water company is putting on an exhibition for residents and motorists on Thursday July 3 at Willingdon Community School Hall between 4pm and 6.45pm.

Eastbourne and Willingdon MP Stephen Lloyd says he is concerned at the impact the major excavations and road closures will have and has written to the chief executive of the company.

He said, “This will inevitably result in large amounts of disruption impacting on the bus route along Farmlands Way which will have to be diverted for many months. This popular bus route is essential for many elderly people who live in the area and will make it more difficult, for instance, for them to get to the shops in Farmlands, which will then have a negative impact on the local traders.

“I understand the need for these works and am supportive of our water pipes being upgraded. However, I am concerned the ramifications of these plans have not been fully thought through.

Paul Butler at South East Water said more than 2,000 residents and businesses had been consulted and changes had been made including work in Broad Road being carried out in school holidays to minimise traffic impact and the company had changed a route and will be using a trenchless technique across the busy stretch of Eastbourne Road.