Ripped flag at station upsets locals

Station flag SUS-141208-141000001
Station flag SUS-141208-141000001

Eastbourne residents are upset over the state of the Union Flag flying outside Eastbourne Railway Station.

The flag appears to be ripped and in a bad condition.

One resident, who claims to have spoken to a manager at the station, said he was told it was not able to be fixed.

He expressed concern over the image this gives the town and believes it is an unpleasant sight for the numerous tourists who descend on Eastbourne during the summer months.

“The station is often the first major building visitors see in our town and it is very unfortunate that we cannot even fly a respectable flag,” said Derek Scott.

“It would be better to not have one at all rather than this pathetic rag.

“I have been told by a manager that it is not possible to reach the flag pole to change it. May I suggest that the fire brigade could usefully have a training exercise to remedy this matter especially as they had experience with the recent pier fire involving a difficult height. Failing that suggestion perhaps a cherry picker could easily help.”

The Winter Garden theatre also had difficulties with their outside flags.

It was in a similar condition to the one currently outside the station but following pressure from locals it was eventually changed.

A spokesperson from Southern Rail, which is responsible for managing the upkeep and maintenance of stations in the south, however, said it will be remedied as soon as possible.

Recent torrid weather conditions have caused the damage to the flag and he said a replacement will be fitted.

“We agree, the flag is looking a bit sorry for itself and the wheels are in motion to replace it. We do this every three months or so when it gets ravaged by the wind, but this time we are sourcing something a bit more robust which we hope will last longer than previous flags.”

• As of Wednesday evening, the flat had been replaced.