Rider will not be prosecuted after clash with saboteurs at hunt

A still from the video taken by Brighton Hunt Saboteurs
A still from the video taken by Brighton Hunt Saboteurs

A horse rider captured on video appearing to hit a man with her riding crop at a hunt will not be prosecuted.

Saboteurs are furious after police announced no further action would be taken after the group clashed with the East Sussex and Romney Marsh Hunt in a field off Church Road, Herstmonceux, at around 12.30pm on November 18.

A still from the video taken by Brighton Hunt Saboteurs

A still from the video taken by Brighton Hunt Saboteurs

A spokesperson for Sussex Police said, “No further action will be taken against a horse rider who was captured on video striking out at a man who had grabbed the reins of her horse.

“The video, along with another provided to police, shows the incident and events leading up to it near Herstmonceux on November 18. The woman and four witnesses were interviewed, but these and the evidence supplied did not support a prosecution.”

Responding to the news, Brighton Hunt Saboteurs said on its Facebook page, “East Sussex and Romney Marsh Hunt is facing no further action from Sussex Police after she tried to ride us down before hitting one of our sabs 17 times with her riding crop.

“Yet again those in positions of power and privilege get away with violently assaulting those who are stopping them from breaking the Hunting Act and killing innocent wildlife.”

A dramatic video posted by Brighton Hunt Saboteurs went viral on social media after it appeared to show a woman on a horse whipping a man who had grabbed her horse’s reins.

Cries of ‘let go’ and ‘get off the horse’ can be heard, while others shouted for the woman to stop using the horse ‘as a weapon’.

In a second video by the same group the female rider appears to approach the camera person and tell them to ‘get back on the road’. When another saboteur approaches her horse she appears to strike him with her whip, saying ‘get off my horse’.

Now South Coast Hunt Sabs are campaigning to raise money for legal fees to launch their own court battle. A Gofundme page, which has raised more than £5,000, says, “How many people would have to be recording an assault on a hunt sab before it is considered enough evidence?”

The page can be found at www.gofundme.com/legal-fees-for-beaten-hunt-sab