Rhino mission

Angus Wingfield and rhino
Angus Wingfield and rhino

AN EASTBOURNE man is highlighting the problem of rhino poaching in South Africa.

Angus Wingfield, a manager with Eastbourne & Wealden YMCA, became involved in the campaign after spending time in South Africa with vulnerable youngsters from Eastbourne on a special project.

Angus, a father of two from Willingdon, is now hoping to raise money to stop rhinos being slaughtered.

He said the number of rhinos poached had increased from around 12 to more than 450 during a four-year period and already this year more than 250 had been lost – all so that their horn could be hacked off and sold for dagger handles or ground down for spurious traditional medicines.

Angus said, “We must not stand by and watch our rhino be slaughtered in this way.”

Angus, pictured above with one of the victims of the slaughter, is willing to do talks or presentations to groups and organisations on rhino poaching and conservation efforts. He can be contacted via www.africawildtrails.com