REV DAVID FAREY: We can slip so easily into self-destructiveness

David Farey SUS-160113-102615001
David Farey SUS-160113-102615001

One of my weaknesses is biscuits! When sitting at my desk I love to have a cup of coffee to hand and a pile of biscuits.

My problem is that I could find it too easy to have more biscuits than is good for me. It is what might be called a First World Problem, but it is common, not necessarily with biscuits as the subject matter but other things much more serious.

Obesity is a problem in what we laughingly call this civilised part of our world. More children and adults are increasingly becoming overweight. The growth of fast food outlets, availability of sugary and high calorie content foods combined with a general lack of exercise is contributing to the growing problem. Often chocolate or even biscuits are a kind of comfort food resorted to in times of stress.

Behaviour that is both self-destructive and compulsive can quickly develop. Smoking could be seen similarly. It’s a behaviour which can take over your life; that feeling of ‘I must have’, or ‘I must do’. It is surprisingly easy to develop compulsive traits. Take blackberries for instance! The hedgerows are full of them this year. Having picked all I needed or could cope with I still have the compulsion to pick more every time I see a full hedgerow. It’s amazing how the compulsion can grip you!

That is a harmless compulsion, but there are others which are not, like smoking or over eating, or worse! We human beings can slip so easily into self-destructive behaviour, without even realising it and a mental or nervous condition can all too quickly develop. While some severe conditions require prescribed medication, pills are not always the best option. Some problems are better faced by changing thought patterns and how things are perceived. Often a person’s behaviour, compulsive or otherwise, can for example be put down to having a low self-worth.

Sometimes an incident in a person’s past, not always remembered, can be the cause of habitual destructive behaviour to self or others. Sometime hypnosis has helped but I also know stories of healing where through prayer Jesus has taken someone back through a past experience and helped them to perceive an event differently, either easing guilt or improving self-worth. This has enabled an instant healing which turns a person’s life around without any further need for medication, much to doctors’ surprise!

There are a lot of injured people in our communities whose quality of life would be much improved if they could be eased of their burdens of guilt or their sense of self value could be improved. Perhaps I don’t need that extra biscuit after all!