Results announced for Lewes District Council election

Matt Woodruff has introduced a 'Tory tax' for anyone who voted Conservative
Matt Woodruff has introduced a 'Tory tax' for anyone who voted Conservative

The results of Lewes District Council’s election are in with 24 Conservatives, 11 Liberal Democrats, three Green , two Independent and one UKIP councillors elected to represent Lewes District.

Here are the full results:

Barcombe and Hamsey

Neil DEL STROTHER Green Party 233

Marion Joyce HUGHES Liberal Democrats 492

Isabelle LININGTON Conservative Party 511 ELECTED

Chailey and Wivelsfield

Holly ATKINS Green Party 417

Pascal ATKINS UK Independence Party 463

Sharon DAVY Conservative Party 1686 ELECTED

Lesley Alison DUNFORD Liberal Democrats 893

Iantha KIRKUP Liberal Democrats 444

Cyril SUGARMAN Conservative Party 1169 ELECTED

Ditchling and Westmeston

Tom BEAMENT Green Party 162

Tom JONES Conservative Party 1032 ELECTED

Don McBETH Liberal Democrats 259

Vincent James TICKNER Labour Party 88

East Saltdean and Telscombe Cliffs

Simon Marriott ACKROYD Liberal Democrats 432

Wayne BOTTING Conservative Party 1875 ELECTED

David Michael BURGESS UK Independence Party 685

Alan FORD Labour Party 923

Sarah Rosalind HITCHINGS Green Party 378

Ron MASKELL Conservative Party 1825 ELECTED

Lyn MILLS UK Independence Party 613

Laurence Julian O’CONNOR Labour Party 864

Josh PALMER UK Independence Party 520

Christine ROBINSON Labour Party 875

Andy SMITH Conservative Party 1654 ELECTED


Vic IENT Liberal Democrats 576 ELECTED

Luci McGOVERN Green Party 297

Nick ROBINSON Conservative Party 423

Lewes Bridge

Joanna Katherine Emma CARTER Green Party 677 ELECTED

Deborah Anna COOKE UK Independence Party 240

Daisy COOPER Liberal Democrats 905 ELECTED

Brenda GOUGH Conservative Party 395

Robert Lewis HEATH Green Party 410

Denzil JONES Labour Party 529

Matt KENT Independent 540

John Tregea LAMB Liberal Democrats 641

Gill SHORT Labour Party 447

Frances TUFNELL Conservative Party 359

Lewes Castle

Annabella Sarah ASHBY Green Party 703

Jacqueline BISHOP Independent 384

Mike CHARTIER Liberal Democrats 764 ELECTED

Rod CROCKER Independent 207

Linda DRABBLE Labour Party 448

Marion FULLER Conservative Party 336

David Michael GRAY Liberal Democrats 612

Susan Jean MURRAY Green Party 767 ELECTED

Jane SLATER Conservative Party 273

Philippa THOMPSON Labour Party 439

Lewes Priory

Adam Kenneth BARKER Green Party 909

Louis BLAIR Labour Party 647

Clive Richard BURGESS Liberal Democrats 518

Roy BURMAN Conservative Party 406

Stephen CATLIN Independent 1111 ELECTED

Will ELLIOTT Liberal Democrats 401

Pam LEWIS Labour Party 564

Imogen MAKEPEACE Green Party 1001

Graham John MAYHEW Independent 999

Ruth O’KEEFFE Independent 2702 ELECTED

Cynthia ORWELL Conservative Party 453

Tony ROWELL Green Party 1141 ELECTED

John STOCKDALE Liberal Democrats 521

Gaby WEINER Labour Party 491

Newhaven Denton and Meeching

Graham Roger AMY Liberal Democrats 1327 ELECTED

Simon BARNES UK Independence Party 997 ELECTED

Keith Frederick CORBETT Liberal Democrats 877

Bill GILES Conservative Party 1040 ELECTED

Darren Paul GROVER Liberal Democrats 919

Doug JOHNSON Labour Party 607

Rod MAIN Independent 336

John Roderick McGARRIE Green Party 413

Laurence Alexander PULLING UK Independence Party 816

Amber ROBERTSON Conservative Party 849

Lawrence Shaun STEER UK Independence Party 690

Jan WOODLING Labour Party 576

Newhaven Valley

Tony BRADBURY Conservative Party 468

Julie Lyn CARR Liberal Democrats 616 ELECTED

George Robert CORK UK Independence Party 397

Terence John KELLY UK Independence Party 437

Amy MACCONNACHIE Green Party 184

Steve SAUNDERS Liberal Democrats 604 ELECTED

Melvyn SIMMONS Conservative Party 322


Jim SHEPPARD Conservative Party 1019 ELECTED

Anthony SHUSTER Green Party 125

Peter Edward SPAIN Liberal Democrats 419

Ouse Valley and Ringmer

Charlie CARR Liberal Democrats 1186

Johnny DENIS Green Party 864

Paul GANDER Conservative Party 1526 ELECTED

Peter Frederick GARDINER Liberal Democrats 1535 ELECTED

Peter Stephen HAMBLY Labour Party 641

Pat OST Liberal Democrats 1048

Alan Lawson SCOTT Conservative Party 965

Richard John TURNER Conservative Party 1230 ELECTED

Ian WILSON UK Independence Party 696

Peacehaven East

Fraser Colin ADDECOTT Green Party 176

Su BRATCHIE UK Independence Party 590

Nicky EASTON Labour Party 628

Nigel ENEVER Conservative Party 1116 ELECTED

Jackie HARRISON-HICKS Conservative Party 1082 ELECTED

Phil HOWSON UK Independence Party 621

Rotney O’SHEA Labour Party 479

Wilma Joyce SHAW Liberal Democrats 146

Peacehaven North

Brian William GRIFFITHS UK Independence Party 466

Sue GRIFFITHS Independent 196

Ann HARRISON Labour Party 516

Clive Rowland HICKMAN UK Independence Party 394

Roger John LEACH Liberal Democrats 178

Andy LORAINE Conservative Party 1024 ELECTED

Tobias Benedict Eoghan MADDEN Green Party 175

Elayne MERRY Conservative Party 845 ELECTED

Peacehaven West

Ian Verdun BUCHANAN UK Independence Party 590

Richard COLLINGS Labour Party 567

Kit GRIFFITHS UK Independence Party 448

Antonia Thornhill MADDEN Green Party 215

Dave NEAVE Conservative Party 1030 ELECTED

Robbie ROBERTSON Conservative Party 845 ELECTED

Jane SCOTT Liberal Democrats 203

Plumpton, Streat, East Chiltington and St John (without)

Nancy BIKSON Conservative Party 565

Sarah Jane OSBORNE Liberal Democrats 607 ELECTED

Daniel Charles Antony RENTON Green Party 202

Seaford Central

Bill BOVINGTON Conservative Party 936 ELECTED

Stephen John GAUNTLETT Liberal Democrats 821 ELECTED

Terry GOODMAN UK Independence Party 504

Rahnuma HAYDER Liberal Democrats 632

Penny LOWER Labour Party 458

Lesley Barnes ORR Green Party 334

Bill WEBB Conservative Party 605

Eric Charles WOODWARD UK Independence Party 350

Seaford East

Mathew Paul BASFORD Labour Party 301

Phil BOORMAN Independent 330

Stefano DIELLA Liberal Democrats 789

Michael Milton GAZE Liberal Democrats 619

Alan Norman LATHAM UK Independence Party 667

Peter Michael LEEMING UK Independence Party 571

Nicola McGILLIGAN Green Party 186

Roger MURRAY Green Party 116

Tony NICHOLSON Conservative Party 1018 ELECTED

Julian PETERSON Conservative Party 838 ELECTED

Seaford North

George Stephen BRILEY Green Party 272

Paul FRANKLIN Conservative Party 1012 ELECTED

Gill HART UK Independence Party 505

Deborah Anne HOLT UK Independence Party 401

Alex LAMBERT Liberal Democrats 941 ELECTED

Adam McLEAN Liberal Democrats 809

David NEECH Conservative Party 833

Elaine SAMMARCO Labour Party 391

Seaford South

Sam ADENIJI Conservative Party 1148 ELECTED

Rita Mary BOSWELL UK Independence Party 434

Ian Martin CAIRNS Liberal Democrats 789

Rob CHAMBERS Conservative Party 853

Olivia HONEYMAN Liberal Democrats 856 ELECTED

Guy McQUEEN Green Party 362

Alyssa ROBERTS UK Independence Party 74

Seaford West

Rob BLACKMAN Conservative Party 1252 ELECTED

Peter Albert CHARLTON UK Independence Party 437

Richard Neil HONEYMAN Liberal Democrats 752

Linda Christine LORD UK Independence Party 531

Michael McCOY Green Party 236

Linda WALLRAVEN Conservative Party 1122 ELECTED

Cheryl Lesley WHITE Liberal Democrats 686