Residents told to quit disabled Chaseley homes

Residents living at specially adapted Chaseley Bungalows in Eastbourne face an uncertain future after they were given notice to leave their homes.

Nine people who receive nursing care at the complex in Astaire Close, off Astaire Avenue, were told last month they must leave their homes because the project is not financially viable.

The Chaseley Trust also looks after the main rehabilitation centre on the seafront at South Cliff and says that will remain open.

Stephen Black from Chaseley Trust said, “Unfortunately we are not in a position to continue providing nursing home services at the Chaseley bungalows.

“The bungalows have not been financially sustainable for some time and so the difficult decision has been made to close this service and support each individual to secure an alternative living arrangement. This focus now is on supporting the people and their families that this closure will affect.

“All avenues will be explored with each individual who is affected by this. The option of transferring to the main Chaseley Home has also been made available to bungalow residents by the Chaseley Trust, where that is their preferred choice in consultation with their family and funder. All employees working in the bungalows will have the option of transferring to similar posts in the South Cliff home should they wish.

“The Chaseley Trust together with ESCC and other funders will be providing a detailed programme of support to each person over the coming weeks to ensure as smooth a transition as possible to an alternative service or other living arrangement.

A spokesperson at East Sussex County Council said, “The Chaseley Trust has informed the council of their intention to de-register and therefore close the bungalows.

“ The Adult Social Care team will work with the individuals living in the bungalows, their relatives and with the Chaseley Trust to find suitable alternative accommodation for those affected.”