Residents say fears have been ignored

An artist's impression of the planned mosque
An artist's impression of the planned mosque

PEOPLE living near the planned new mosque in Eastbourne’s town centre say their worries have been ignored.

Controversy has been raging since Eastbourne town planners gave the green light to a new larger mosque in Ashford Square earlier this month.

Residents say councillors failed to take into account their fears of increased traffic and noise, and that the new building will overlook their properties.

Sue Harris said, “We have been completely ignored.

“The majority of Devonshire ward and Eastbourne residents do not want a three storey development on this site.

“We have seen a huge increase in mosque users attending Friday afternoon prayers and Saturday children’s lessons since permission has been granted.

“There has been a police officer out there directing traffic due to the chaos.

“The planning committee should have looked at the plans as a development not as a mosque.

“Would councillors have allowed a three-storey Tesco there?”

Neighbour Richard Cleveland said he has missed appointments because his driveway has been blocked in by vehicles using the mosque.

“I am very aware the parking situation on Ashford Square is diabolical at the best of times but the existing mosque also puts pressure on other roads where parking is terrible at the best of times.

“The larger proposed mosque will surely only make matters worse.”

An Eastbourne Borough Council spokesperson said council officers used the same processes and procedures as they would use for any planning application.

He said, “Residents who live in the vicinity of any proposed development are informed of the relevant details and have an opportunity to support or object to any plan.

“The committee will then make a decision to approve or refuse an application once that have heard from all the relevant authorities, the applicant and any residents who support or object.

“The committee is non-political and make sdecisions based purely on issues relating to planning and development.”