Residents oppose garden home bid

PLANS to build a detached home in the garden of a Meads property have been met with objections from local residents.

The application, lodged with Eastbourne Borough Council, is to build the property at the back of a house in Naomi Close with access on to Meads Road.

Neighbouring residents to the site have been sent letters about the application and some have raised their objections with the council.

A letter from residents Jacqueline White and Joan Pancham, who live in a neighbouring property, said, “The size of the proposed dwelling is disproportionate to the size and shape of the plot.

“Access to the proposed dwelling is from Meads Road. This is a busy road. Entering and exiting from it would impact on highway safety.”

They also raised concerns about the proposed dwelling overshadowing the neighbouring properties and causing a lack of privacy. The possible removal of trees has also caused concern.

Janet Dearnley, a resident in Carlisle Road, said the site was in a tree preservation area.

Glenn Moore, who is acting as agent for the applicant at Naomi Close, said the three bedroom house would not be higher than the other buildings in the area and would look like a Sussex cottage with a loft extension.

He added, “The house will not look out of context with its surroundings.

“It has been orientated to minimise any overlooking. The designs will also maximise the retention of trees.”

Eastbourne Borough Council is expected to make a decision on the application on January 18.