Residents’ delight at car park repairs

Beatty Road car park
Beatty Road car park

Residents and motorists have welcomed the completion of repair works at the Beatty Road shopping area car park.

After the last cold, wet and snowy winters, the surface to the entrance of the car park had become pitted with what motorists described as deep and dangerous potholes.

Shopkeepers contacted Conservative councillor Gordon Jenkins, who represents Sovereign ward, and he discovered an enforcement notice issued to the private owners of the car park after the intervention of the then ward councillor Pat Bowker in 2000 to repair it was still enforceable.

The councillor said officers from the council’s enforcement team looked into the situation and the owners agreed to the repairs.

“It has taken a long time, and a lot of pressure but at last the owners of the Beatty Road shop car park have made repairs that were sorely needed,” said Councillor Jenkins.

“Officers looked into the situation and found the enforcement notice that had been issued way back in 2000 was still legally enforceable.

“It took several weeks and a couple of official letters to the car park owner’s solicitors to gain a response that the work would be carried out.

Councillor Jenkins said, “I am happy that the repair work has been carried out at last and that the risk of serious injury to residents, and damage to cars has been removed.”

Councillor Jenkins said he would be keeping an eye on the car park as experts predict a harsh winter ahead.

He said, “I am concerned that this situation could resurface again so will be watching to make sure all is in order, especially if we have a heavy frost and snow during the long winter months ahead.”