Resident’s parking nightmare

Parking problems in Mallard Close, Hampden Park January 10th 2013 E02282P'Local resident in Mallard Close Rikki Wagstaff
Parking problems in Mallard Close, Hampden Park January 10th 2013 E02282P'Local resident in Mallard Close Rikki Wagstaff

A frustrated resident who has resorted to putting wheelie bins in the road outside her home because of a parking nightmare said she’s been ticked off by police.

Rikki Wagstaff, of Mallard Close, which runs alongside Hampden Park railway station, took action after claiming commuters often parked across her driveway.

The 25-year-old claims a car park which was built in a bid to tackle the problem in the area is not widely used and motorists still continue to park in Mallard Close, often dangerously.

The mother-of-two says the problem has been going on for years and that people even park on her driveway while waiting to meet someone from the train.

She said that commuters did not want to pay to park and that her road had no yellow lines or residents’ parking.

She added, “Me and my neighbour have been trying to save our parking spaces outside our houses by placing our wheelie bins in the road where our cars would be parked.

“We have been doing this for months now and never had a problem until Wednesday when two police officers paid me and my neighbour a visit about a complaint from a commuter about our wheelie bins in the road.

“ Now as far as we are concerned we were not committing a crime but we have been informed otherwise by the police that we are and have been told we are not allowed to leave our bins in the road – and when I say road I mean against the kerb.”

Miss Wagstaff, who claims she has been verbally abused by commuters when asking them to move away from her driveway, says there are more serious issues for the police to deal with in the area.

She added, “My partner is a plumber who is called out quite often so he needs to be able to get his van out without any obstructions and my neighbour uses her car regularly to take her father to hospital appointments to everyone else. This is not really important but this is an issue that we as a neighbourhood are getting fed up with. The two police officers that came to my door have told me that they will be watching our road from now on meaning if we put our bins in the road again we will be getting in trouble.

“If the police actually paid attention to our road and to the non-residents that come down here they will be arresting a lot more people as the train station is used as a drop off for drug dealers and users to meet up and do their deals either at night or broad daylight.”

Inspector Damen Funnell from the neighbouring policing team said, “The police and local council are aware of the parking issues in this very narrow road. As a result, we will continue to work with our partner agencies in consultation with local residents in order to resolve the issues identified. We do however ask that resident avoid obstructing the road as we want to make sure everyone who uses the road can do so safely.”