Rescued cygnets released at Eastbourne park

Cygnets to be released at Princes Park SUS-160311-151531001
Cygnets to be released at Princes Park SUS-160311-151531001

Cygnets previously rescued by East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRSA) have been released at Princes Park.

Over the past two years, the wildlife charity has been called out to more than 75 swan incidents in East Sussex, resulting in a number of them having to go up to the Swan Sanctuary at Shepperton for specialist veterinary help.

Trevor Week, WRAS founder, said, “Some of these have been young cygnets, like those rescued at Ditchling Common, after both parents died, the ill cygnets from Hampden Park’s Decoy Lake and several from the dykes behind Lewes Rugby Club with injured wings.

“As a result the Swan Sanctuary and East Sussex WRAS decided it would be good to return some young adult cygnets back to Sussex to re-address the balance of those which have had to go up to the sanctuary.”

Yesterday (November 2), WRAS’s ambulance collected 11 mature cygnets from the Shepperton based sanctuary to bring them down to Princes Park in Eastbourne for release.

They were transported the long distance in pillow cases - to keep them comfortable and stop them from flapping their wings while in transit.

They were released at Princes Park due to the non-territorial flock of swan which is present on that lake. The cygnet will eventually pair up and fly off to find their own territories and have young here in East Sussex.