Remember to stay safe at town fireworks

Eastbourne Bonfire Society parade 2013
Eastbourne Bonfire Society parade 2013

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is urging members of the public to take extra care tonight and this weekend and consider attending an organised event rather than holding bonfire and firework celebrations at home.

The service says that as some families may be planning to hold their own celebrations at home, they should take extra care and simple bonfire and fireworks safety advice is available on the ESFRS website.

Chief fire officer and chief executive Des Prichard said, “We are ready to respond but members of the public can help by staying safe and ensuring that we concentrate our resources where they are most needed. Remember that attending a large, organised display is one of the safest ways for you and your family to enjoy bonfire night.

“Our basic advice remains the same during the strike and at all other times. If you have a fire, get out of the building, stay out and call 999. If the fire is outside, move everyone away to a safe distance as quickly as you can and call us.”

Firework and bonfire safety advice includes never buying fireworks from anywhere you’re not sure about; make sure you read and understand the instructions on each firework carefully in daylight or by torchlight, never by a naked flame; make suitable supports and launchers if you’re setting off Catherine wheels or rockets; and make sure you have a closed metal box to store the fireworks, take them out one at a time; a bucket of water to cool sparklers and put out any small fires; eye protection and gloves and a bucket of earth to stick fireworks in, light a firework at arm’s length and never go back to a firework that has been lit and has not gone off.”