Redoubt Fortress gets new security following break-in


Work to upgrade the security at Eastbourne’s Redoubt Fortress has been carried out.

The Military Museum was burgled twice this summer, resulting in the theft of a Crimean War bugle, used in the Charge of The Light Brigade, and the medals of General Sir John Hackett. The missing items belonged to The Royal Irish Hussars Collection and were on loan.

Councillor Philip Ede, who was recently appointed as the opposition representative on The Redoubt Policy Group, campaigned for updated security with fellow Tory Cllr Gordon Jenkins.

Cllr Ede said, “At the first meeting that I attended in July, just after the first break in, it became clear that the offenders had gained access to the museum rather too easily.

“I began calling for proper safeguards be implemented as a matter of urgency.

“I am pleased to see that most of my concerns have been addressed but I will continue to insist that these measures are maintained and regularly improved to keep pace with the latest thinking on crime prevention”

Cllr Jenkins added, “I was appalled at the theft of such priceless items, which had been entrusted to the care of Eastbourne Borough Council by The Royal Irish Hussars. I made no bones about making a nuisance of myself to ensure that the current Lib Dem administration coughed up the funds necessary to put long overdue security upgrades in place.”