Red light enforcement cameras to be installed at level crossings

Red light safety enforcement cameras are being installed at high risk level crossings including Pevensey, Selmeston and Wilmington.

Wednesday, 3rd October 2018, 2:56 pm
Updated Wednesday, 3rd October 2018, 3:59 pm

The sites are three of 21 to have the state of the art cameras put in at automatic half-barrier level crossings across the south east region by the end of 2019.

Working much like a speed camera, red light safety enforcement (RLSE) cameras can identify vehicles that jump the lights at level crossings and capture evidence.

Motorists are then automatically notified of their offence and given the option to pay a £60 fine and receive points on their licence, or sit a level crossing safety awareness course.

As an extra deterrent, signs will be installed to warn motorists they could be caught on camera.

Simon Morgan at Network Rail said, “Level crossings are still a very real safety risk. These cameras are a proven, cost-effective way to improve safety and encourage motorists not to take unnecessary risks when crossing the railway.

“Knowing that jumping the lights or swerving the barriers at a level crossing will almost certainly result in a prosecution is enough to make most drivers think twice. This isn’t about money, as Network Rail isn’t involved in the issuing of fines or the enforcement process. For us, the perfect scenario is to have everyone cross the railway safely with no penalties issued.”

The cameras are at Thornwell Road, Wilmington; Sluice Lane, Pevensey Levels; and The Street, Selmeston.