Recycling Christmas cards at town store

Local residents can recycle their old Christmas cards at supermarkets.

The Sainsbury’s stores in the Arndale Centre and Hampden Park have a card recycling box in place up until January 15.

The bin situated at the back of checkouts in the centre store and in the car park recycling bins in Hampden Park is making a donation to the Forest Stewardship Council based on the volume of cards collected.

Sainsbury’s store manager Tony Gagola said, “We know that our customers care about the environment and reducing their impact on landfill so we’re providing really simple and hassle-free ways for them to live more sustainably and recycle their Christmas waste once the holidays are over.

The stores also offer other recycling facilities including batteries, clothing and glass and plastic.

Andy Dawe, the head of food and drink programme WRAP, said, “We are delighted that Sainsbury’s Hampden Park and Arndale Centre are working with its customers to help them find ways to recycle during the festive season. Such a wide range of Christmas items can be recycled, from your Christmas turkey foil to your Christmas cards.”