Recovery groups tackling drug and alcohol problems

A RANGE of recovery groups are being set-up in East Sussex to help people with drug and alcohol problems.

These groups are the first steps in a countywide project funded by the East Sussex Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) and coordinated by the County Council’s Safer Communities Team.

The recovery groups will be managed by people who have first-hand experience, either recovering from drug and alcohol problems, ex-users or potential users of drug and alcohol treatment services.

They will do Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART) and the groups will provide support, encouragement, education, social activities and the opportunity to meet others affected by drug and alcohol problems.

Group members can also get involved in future planning with the Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT).

Councillor David Elkin, Lead Member for Adults and Children’s Services at the County Council, said, “The setting up of recovery groups in East Sussex has given people on the road to recovery the support network they need to sustain long term recovery.

“By creating and supporting these groups we hope to encourage others to seek help, so they can also live a life free from drugs and alcohol.”

Currently there are two recovery groups in East Sussex, one in Eastbourne, called PEER (Providing Eastbourne with Effective Recovery) and one in Hastings and St Leonards, called HAS (Hastings and St Leonards) Recovery.

Both groups have just started but new members are already keen and passionate about being involved and having their views taken into account.

The groups are also building relationships with other organisations involved in drug and alcohol recovery.

Dr Diana Grice, the Director of Public Health, added, “When someone is recovering from a drug or alcohol problem, being around other people who are also going through recovery can really help.

“This is one of the most commonly travelled pathways to recovery.

“Starting these new groups in East Sussex adds another treatment option to the services that are already available to help, and is great news for local people.”