Ratton School students get top tips for finding a career

STUDENTS at Ratton school were treated to an afternoon of tips and advice on their dream jobs.

Youngsters from Year Ten at the Park Avenue school discussed job options with more than 20 local workers, ranging from a Herald journalist to a policeman, from a zoo staff at Drusillas to web designers.

And as well as information stands there were also live demonstrations – including a hairdresser treating one of the teachers to a trim and hospital staff showcasing life-saving equipment and techniques.

Jackie Begin helped organise the event, which was followed by similar sessions with further education colleges and apprenticeship schemes. She said, “We are very grateful that people gave up their time to talk to our students about career choice and are proud of how well our students both behaved and got involved.

“We will continue to run these sessions and would love other people to join in.”