Ratton’s head leaves three months early

Ratton School
Ratton School

Ratton School headteacher David Linsell has left his job three months earlier than expected.

Mr Linsell resigned in November last year after 13 years at the helm to take up a new role with a chain of academies in the south and was expected to leave the school at the end of the Easter term.

But the school said this week “it had emerged he has now left the school” and the senior deputy head Anne Wardle has been promoted to acting head until the end of the summer term, with Liz Fitzpatrick taking on her role.

Chair of Ratton Academy governors Peter Lindsey told parents, “David is taking up a well-deserved promotion to a chain of academies, and he was given the opportunity to start that role in January, earlier than originally agreed.

“I want to reassure parents that the plan already put in place by the governing body will ensure 100 per cent continuity for Ratton.

“It had already been agreed that Anne would run the school alongside David after Christmas, before his initial leaving date at Easter. Anne was a very competent acting head for 12 months and I have no doubt she will once again prove to be very capable and provide a safe pair of hands for Ratton, alongside Liz.

“In effect, Anne and Liz – as before – will be running Ratton on a day-to-day basis, with full support from staff and the governing body.

“We are very happy with the current situation at Ratton, and our Year 11 GCSE projected results look very encouraging. There is absolutely no reason to believe that anything will change at Ratton because of this decision.”

Anne Wardle said she was honoured to have been asked to be acting head once again at the school.

“Ratton is a wonderful school, where the welfare of students and staff is at the heart of everything,” she said. “I’m thrilled to be in charge again a very strong team.”