Raising awareness of the risk of flooding

The Environment Agency has launched a campaign aimed at raising public awareness of flood risk.

Events will be held across Sussex – from flood fairs to open days – to encourage individuals and communities to be prepared for potential flooding. With one in six properties across the country at risk of flooding, the campaign hopes to educate the public on how to find out if homes or businesses are in a flood risk area, how to minimise potential damage to properties and what the Environment Agency is doing to reduce the threat of inland and coastal flooding.

Each week of the campaign has a theme: Damage and Safety, Flood Risk and Warnings, Resistance and Resilience and Community Preparedness. Events will include the start of a three-week coastal flood defence project at Seaford Beach in East Sussex.

The Environment Agency is working in partnership with a number of other organisations in Sussex to ensure the campaign reaches as many members of the public as possible. Partner agencies include Sussex police, Southern Water and local authorities.

Andrew Gilham, flood and coastal risk manager at the Environment Agency, said, “By working closely with local and well trusted organisations in Sussex, such as the police and fire and rescue service, we are able to communicate more effectively with homeowners at risk of flooding. We are committed to strengthening our partnerships in order to ensure that the wider public are fully informed about their flood risk.”